Digital Family Photo Solution?

Have you ever lost digital family photos of your kids? I remember I used to use a site, I think it was Ofoto or something and after it got aquired, maybe a few times, I lost the first few years of pictures of my daughter Kenzie I missed any warnings that may have gone out but long story short if I wanted access I needed to “spend” more money than I had. Fortunately I had “some” of them on my old computer (I think) but man, when I realized I had lost access to MY photos? I feel it’s given me almost a complex about losing my pictures…she is now almost seven years old and I have two more and the importance of keeping all the pictures to maybe make books with someday or something is of utmost importance. I remember helping people to create archival folders of DVD’s that were filled with pictures, thumbnails of them printed and taking up massive amounts of space. I now have a lot of my pictures online, either on DropBox or Google locations that may or may not be around years from now.

So to get to the point, when I saw this little device on Living Social I could NOT RESIST. It appears to be a USB drive that you plug into your computer, it finds and stores the pictures, and then voila! You have a back up. I have not received mine yet but I am beyond excited…I literally own a few computers that I have ONLY kept around because I know somewhere on them there are folders of family photos of my children that I just don’t want to lose.

I want to be able to have a place where all my photos live that I can keep…if it works the way that I am understanding I will be purchasing a lot more of these…a LOT more. I see them as something that I use to store archive my family photos and put into time capsules to give to my children someday when they are older, that I can access to create photo books celebrating their lives and so much more. My family photos mean the world to me and I want nothing more than to have those all in one place to organize and reference when needed.

I’m envisioning things like photographing all my kids artwork and keeping one of these for each of them to track the progress and memories…it’s exciting to me. I am so excited to receive and try out this Photo Keeper product…I hope it does all that I’m imagining it will.

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