Springtime in Seattle

I feel almost guilty writing this! I am so so so excited about springtime though. I’m getting ready to start tracking my garden again in my Gardening Blog and I am so so excited. So far in my front yard I have a strawberry bed planted and growing that has radishes that are beginning to sprout (I planted their seeds a few weeks ago) around the perimeter and in the center I have planted some borage (no sprouts yet) and transplanted some young onion plants around that. I totally want to take a picture of my chromebook on the edge for my new “StrawberryTech” cover image on twitter or something…

Also in the front yard I have my vegetable bed that is about 4x8ft that has Peas, Kale, and Carrots by seed, so will see if they work, and today I got some Lettuce & Broccoli starts to add to the mix!! I also planted 2 little tiny tomato seeds over in the middle of the peas, I think it is too early to plant them like that but I am hopeful! I also am starting some tomato seeds inside and outside on my porch…it will be interesting to see which ones are the happiest!

My goal for this year is to USE what I grow, so to be more strategic and less impulsive about it. Last year we had a LOT of cherry tomatoes that were wasted, so I’m avoiding those and sticking to the Roma that I know my husband likes. Logic being since he’s usually the one that is actually cooking it makes sense to grow what he will use!

I’m absolutely ecstatic about how well my potted bushes and baby trees are doing too. There is a lot of new growth and leaves already on my blueberries, raspberries, and though it is a bit late it looks like my baby star magnolia will be gorgeous!! My lilac bush might finally bloom too, I’m hopeful at least.

So there you have it, I’m an Earth Day baby who is totally excited about this growing season…Happy Planting!!

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