Starting Over… 24 Gifts!

I have been a fan of Cami and her book for as long as I can remember…I have started out doing the 29 Gifts in 29 days before but don’t think I ever completed it…I’m going to get started again now.

I have been struggling with some sort of pity-pot feelings and I am ready to get RID of them, I have been trying to rationalize my way out of it but it isn’t working…so 29 Gifts it is!

If you have ever gone through this and would like to share your story or any tips you have feel free to do so below! I linked the picture of the book to it’s page on Amazon too so if you have no idea what I’m talking about check it out! I highly recommend it.

I’d love to connect with others too, you can find me on

Cheers to giving!!!

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