Sterile or Dead…it could happen!!

I’m sick enough of these emails that I am writing about this now. I am typically very very much on the same side as NARAL and other Pro-choice organizations. This one came a little too close to home though.

As a woman who at 18 was diagnosed with a STROKE (a condition that sometimes can kill people) with the eventual cause being determined as a combination of PFO (something that a huge number of the population has) combined taking….you guessed it. Birth control. I’ll add to this that I also did some time using an IUD after this, and I do recall reading in the potential side effects that it could affect my ability to have kids later, I mean heck it was a piece of metal that was in my uterus!

I am ALL FOR women/girls having their choices, but viewing all the birth control methods as safe and not having any risk? That is straight up ignorance. I had a stroke, I experienced not being able to use half of my body. That might not have happened had I not been taking birth control. I could have died.

Why aren’t we teaching girls/women about THEIR BODIES and the methods they can use that are more related to tracking their cycle? Avoiding that week or so around ovulation can work wonders! Condoms work pretty well too if you use them properly…

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