Stop Walking On Eggshells

This book is probably the first one that I read after I left my ex. I had loved him and the day that I left him felt very sudden yet expected. It was a very emotional time, my daughter was born about six months earlier and I knew that while we had it good for years (we’d been together for seven years) I didn’t want her to see what our relationship had turned into. It was hard because we had also had really good times, and he was at times more supportive than anyone else in the world.

What our relationship had turned into though was absolutely not healthy. I couldn’t talk to him without being accused of something it seemed. There were threats of violence that escalated over time and I (fortunately) knew better than to wait to see if he meant it.

This book helped me to feel ok about moving on, which I’m grateful for to this day. It was my job to take care of me and our baby above all else and this helped me to do that. I’m glad I didn’t internalize all the accusations of ‘messing everything up’ and instead moved forward to make our lives better, and they are now.

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