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I have in the past posted advice and tips here about wordpress, facebook, and other things. I have decided to move that to another site though. StrawberryTech Tips is the name of that site and if you are interested in that I recommend going to that site. I created a new site because I have been exploring opportunities to expand my reach doing freelance work and that is what I have decided to focus on (for now) and see how it goes. I’m going to be making small “web presence” sites that are for individual’s blogs, individual’s hobbies, solopreneurs and small businesses (because large ones likely have a webmaster on staff). I’m also happy to consult with any size business to help with their social media/internet needs and all the information about that will soon be on the StrawberryTech Tips page.

I’ll be keeping this site focused more on my opinions, family, and health related projects, which is most of what I write about anyhow.

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