Successfully Using A Crystal Deodorant

After many failed attempts, I finally am successfully using this wonderful product...

I think I was probably a teenager the first time I tried to use some kind of a salt deodorant, it has always fascinated me that something so simple might work yet we (Americans) seem to prefer to use the chemical infused potentially carcinogenic plus fragrance filled deodorants that fill the aisle at the drugstore.

My first few times trying a Crystal Deodorant were unsuccessful, which is why I’m writing this post, because now I finally have a system that makes it work and I’m totally psyched about it. I’m going to focus on how to make it work and slip in a story here and there to explain what happens if you don’t follow a particular step, or at least what I experienced…

Here is the secret…
Basically what it comes down to is starting fresh every single, and yes I mean EVERY SINGLE time that you use it. For me this means taking a shower each morning, then after getting out, applying Crystal Deodorant either directly onto my wet skin or wetting it with water and applying it immediately after drying off.

In the past I have waited until I was totally dry then gone back later to put it on but by then it didn’t help me in the ‘odor’ that seemed to quickly invade my armpits.

Likewise it is also impossible to use these as one might use a scented deodorant to ‘freshen up’ midday or in the morning sans shower. If you do try and do this, be warned that any scent you may have on you can get transferred to the Crystal Stick and take some time to wear away…pretty frustrating when that happens so don’t try it!!

If you can commit to using it like this, right out of the shower each day, hopefully you will experience the pleasure of knowing you are using something very simple and natural to control pesky odors rather than all the chemicals and fragrances that are doing who knows what to us.

I’m so thrilled it’s working and have finally gone and thrown out the old Ban/Secret/other deodorant sticks acquired over time happily…it’s an added perk that it seems to last forever, I have yet to use one of these things up.

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