Summer Vacation 2014 is HERE!!

I don’t know about you, or if you have kids or not, but let me tell you that for me having three…this is a very interesting time of year! In the last two weeks my 3rd grader and pre-k-er have turned into 4th grade and kindergarten students!! Fortunately I still have one little preschooler, he has 2 more years before he is starting kindergarten, maybe even three if I’m doing my math correctly.

Add to that the transition of leaving the job I have had for six months and working to get new projects started, and I am exhausted! It is exhilarating a lot of the time and flat out exhausting the rest. Right now for example, I’m sitting here typing because the house is a complete mess…I feel a little bit accomplished having just started a load of laundry…so at least while that is going I’ll not obsess over the two or three loads to come.

One good part is that yesterday my daughter caught on to the whole chore thing!! I confess we did resort to a little bit of bribery/payment arrangement but she ROCKED it! I hope that it continues, and I’ll do what I can to foster more of that behavior, and to increase my own income generating behavior as well so that I can afford her services(!).

So far I don’t have the kids signed up for any summer classes or camps, I’m looking forward to them having a very old school “go play outside” kind of summer. I can’t send them out today because there are guys out there working on the house, but tomorrow will be a new day! No school for any of them! I hope that it is awesome!!!


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