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My Legacy

After some sort of disconcerting conversations I saw on Facebook I have been thinking a lot about the kind of legacy that I would like to leave for my children, grandchildren and all the other people who know of me … Continue reading

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Somebody Bought Our Home

Okay…let me gather my thoughts. I am just coming home from a wonderful optimizing wellness seminar that was featuring Mo Manley, who is always a joy to listen to and talk to of course. On the way home, I realized … Continue reading

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New Home!!

Girls are loving it and so are we!! See the chickens? Dog? Can you see why? Woo-hoo!!

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Working With Zazen

I’m loving the setup I have around me and wanted to share it with you. I’m sitting on my lovely new couch (inherited through a good friend’s recent move) with a gigantic stuffed dog behind me supporting my back…a reasonably … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Move

Oh how bittersweet it is to be moving… It was close to two years ago when we moved into our home where I am as I type up this post. It was about three years ago when my husband started … Continue reading

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