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Dinner Experiments.. #1 (Picky Kids)

My goal is to feed the kids a healthy dinner, and to minimize my own time in the kitchen, because I have other stuff too do and I’m not in a domestic skills kind of mood. Problem: I was completely … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation 2014 is HERE!!

I don’t know about you, or if you have kids or not, but let me tell you that for me having three…this is a very interesting time of year! In the last two weeks my 3rd grader and pre-k-er have … Continue reading

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Chalk + Bus Stop = Peace…

Yay!! I have another strategic mom WIN!! After a few days of actually making it a few minutes early to the bus stop for my oldest daughter to go to school I was freaking out…the kids, little ones in particular … Continue reading

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Counting change…

…is totally worth it when it means you can experience a three year old celebrating her first purchase at a donut shop!!

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Pink Goo I Could Do…

I have been vaguely paying attention to the whole pink goo debate…I can see how it is gross BUT I can also see how pink goo COULD be really good. Through my Paleo journey for example, I definitely see the … Continue reading

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