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Finalist in #NewSchoolAlumni Summer Photo Contest “Bubble”

I am so excited to be included in this contest! I graduated from Parsons in 2003 with BFA in Communication Design. After leaving New York in 2006 it is great to be recognized as a finalist for this fun picture … Continue reading

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Stepping into My MOM POWER!!!

Ok, so I just took a glance at my post from earlier today (or I guess technically yesterday since it’s just after midnight) and am thankfully seeing that it is not a healthy way to be feeling. Fortunately…I have a … Continue reading

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Moms With MS are Autoimmune Moms too.

I am so so excited to share this, I have been all flustered trying to get my thoughts straight about where to talk about this first and I decided that this blog, my personal blog makes sense. As soon as … Continue reading

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INK :: Connection

I don’t remember when I drew this picture, but I know what it represents because I feel it with my husband frequently. Connection represents the feeling when looking into someones eyes the need for words kind of disappears, when two … Continue reading

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Ultrasound Pictures of our Mystery Baby Finally!

Here are the ultrasound pictures finally!! We got these a few weeks ago now, but it took some time to get them up. Also to everyone who keeps asking…NO! we do not know if our baby is a boy or … Continue reading

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