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Tools I UseAlright I’m finally doing a blog post about it. I’m constantly offering advice on facebook, in chats, on the phone and more about what tools/sites and more to use for whatever purpose is being discussed. I’m sort of one of those directories of new tools and how to use them in a way, it is part of why I decided that “@StrawberryTech” was an appropriate name to represent myself online with at some point…get it I garden but I’m totally techie too?

Anyway, I have added a section to my page, look to the right and scroll down if you want to see it called “Techie Tools I use” but screw it, I’ll paste the same content in here too:

All of these links represent products that I personally utilize and am happy with. I also get a small commission if you sign up through these links and so really appreciate you checking them out if you have similar needs! Feel free to ask me questions about any of them and why/how I use them.


Your Dream Needs a Domain! Get a $5.99 .COM or .Net from GoDaddy!

For managing lots of passwords I use Dropbox.

Most of the sites I manage are hosted at Pressable for WordPress Hosting

For keeping in touch with neighbors (since I’m online so often!) I use NextDoor to get and/or share; stuff/tips/news etc.

There are of course more by the hour, but I’ll do more posts about that tagged with “Technology” I’ve been meaning to better populate that category in my blog anyway…

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