Telling Daughters “I’m Beautiful.”

One of my dear friends of past and former co-worker posted an article today that really resonated with me. Written by Off-Beat Mama it was about the ways our actions affect our little ones, especially girls in this example as mothers. I realized that I wanted to take/create a challenge for myself to make a point to only express positive things about myself, particularly around appearance and things like being smart. I of course do make a point to do this but I’m definitely guilty of putting myself down sometimes…”My hair is a MESS!!” “I wish I had my lipstick.” “I wish my clothes fit better.” it goes on and on.

It got me thinking about what I do, why I do it, and how that is setting an example for them. For example, why do I wax? I do wax my underarms (and more) and I kind of wonder what kind of a message that sends…one one hand I do advocate that girls should know this is an option at an early age (Why Waxing is Best) if you take a step back it becomes a “Why wax at all?” kind of question… I’m still chewing on that thought, but I think for me it comes down to being more comfortable…but when I really think about it a lot of why it makes me more comfortable is that I am not as worried that someone might see my hair…and why would that be a concern? For me it is because, well it is, I’ve been infiltrated by a society that prefers women to not have as much hair as dudes and so my confidence increases when I’m not concerned about exposing some…because it’s gone!

I think I’ll try and keep it casual and just say I like how it feels so much softer or something…I’ll be sure to spread the praise all around in the meantime.

I’m going to make a point to report back on the messages as I come up with them here…I’ll be looking for more options. I’m looking back on not so good examples I’ve set, like the minor tantrum I threw yesterday when my love didn’t seem to notice the massive amount of cleaning I did…I challenge myself to instead focus on how PROUD of myself I am rather than expressing frustration that someone else didn’t notice…this is going to be a tough but oh so worth it challenge.

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