Thank you Garlic!…I think?

Oh sigh, life is interesting. I went to bed last night after reading about autoimmune conditions that I had never heard of. I came across some things related to emotional trauma, prescription drugs, and last but not least, antibiotics.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was a pleasant night, both girls ended up climbing into bed with me and Zazen, I couldn’t get comfortable though…at some point I got up early in the morning to try and go to the bathroom…it was then that I realized that not only did my right breast hurt, but I was feeling feverish too.

I knew what that meant, it’s happened to me before and it sucks. Blocked duct. Usually I am able to clear the duct with a glass or two of wine and giving my nursing baby that side first…but I’m out of wine plus it is the morning. I knew that rest is recommended, and also very helpful. So I took an ibuprofen and tried to get to sleep…hopeful that the duct would clear and the chills wouldn’t come back by the time I woke, then I climbed in bed asking Geoff to please not wake me as I wasn’t feeling well.

I woke up grateful that I had slept and that Zazen was happily nursing.

After a few hours though when I was cooking some eggs for my girls I felt the familiar sensitive skin feverish feeling.

So I hopped online to look for something to help me out….I knew that an infection could be starting and that antibiotics are the western go-to for treating this and I wanted to do all I could before that, not just because of what I had read but because I have a high tolerance build up to antibiotics and if it gets to that point I usually end up needing a few prescriptions to resolve whatever I’m taking it for…even taking it as directed. I don’t want my tolerance built up any more.

That’s when I found the recommendations on a lactational consultants site ( )for blocked ducts/mastitis. I knew about oregano (don’t have much though) and was thinking about cooking up some meat with what i have of that but then I saw the GARLIC recommendation…that resonated with me because of my past experiences…

I remember eleven years ago being told not to eat garlic when I was taking coumadin as it could affect my bloods viscosity/protimes/clotting ability whatever you want to call it.

I figured this means it might, like wine, thin my bodily fluids a bit and clear that duct! Even better I had enough garlic to follow the maximum recommended dose, I even grew the garlic myself!!

So since reading that I have swallowed five cloves of raw garlic sliced to pill size pieces and I am laying in bed trying to just rest and nurse for a while while my body processes the garlic.

Girls are being mischievous so I will probably get up soon but I think every little bit of rest helps!

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know in the comments of this post about the results!

—Update: it did feel like it was cleared, but still sore the next day…I will definitely remember this trick! It helped that my two year old who is mid-self-weaning and she was more than happy to help too.

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