That game…

After watching that intense game between the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers I am feeling good, I mean, I am feeling good because of that AMAZING win by the Seahawks. I am feeling incredibly frustrated after watching all those commercials though!!

We watched the game via semi-old school antenna, so on Fox news (ugh) so hopefully that has to do with what I saw, but if it was national OMG I am praying for our future. I saw an Amazon ad that prioritized their “Fire stick” or something over a sea shell. I saw a KFC commercial that prioritized their fried frankin-chicken over a fresh roasted chicken. In addition to that I saw McDonalds acting like they give a F*** about the world!! Give me a break! We KNOW that you are profiting from killing us all!!

In addition to that, on the tv shows I saw advertised I was absolutely inundated with the guns, spys, and sexualization of things like war/international spies that are being advertised. I am SO GRATEFUL that during the time I LEFT NYC to come to Seattle I SWORE OFF television and cable. I am SO GRATEFUL that despite having a hard time with it, my then boyfriend/now husband was and is ok with it. I am also grateful that my kids aren’t that into football because of what they would be exposed to!!!

The world we have become okay with and what we are promoting on our networks is absolutely disgusting. I am not surprised that we are in such HORRIBLE shape as a nation and as a culture. I hope that other people who might see this can understand the CHOICE that we have in this matter.


This means that on Netflix/Amazon I can choose what content my kids see. It means that they don’t see the commercials that are ABSOLUTELY POLLUTING the minds of both adults and children who watch television. I “FELT” it was the right thing to do, and now I KNOW that it is. The sicknesses of the world we live in are absolutely being advocated by this kind of commercial broadcast.

PLEASE think about what you are letting you and your kids see. I am SO grateful for the 20-something that I was deciding tv “wasn’t my thing”.

Choose your future. Allow your kids to enjoy theirs.


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