The Four Agreements + Self Mastery

4AgreementsI’m currently taking a class called “Self Mastery” that uses this book along with some other materials to teach us about being our best selves, to “Master” ourselves hence the name “Self Mastery”. I have taken other classes that are on this topic as I’m constantly looking to see where I can improve, I know it is a shocker but I’m not perfect (sshh!!). It’s been interesting because it really seems that each week, which is focused on a different one of the 4 agreements, it seems that I am experiencing extreme examples of how they play into my life. I think those will have to be blog posts to come but they will be linked to here:

1.) Live with Integrity

2.) Don’t take anything Personally

(haven’t gotten to 3 + 4 yet, but soon!)

Let me know if you have read this book and if you liked it.

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