The sad plight of multiple sclerosis research (low… [Inflammopharmacology. 2010] – PubMed result

The sad plight of multiple sclerosis research (low… [Inflammopharmacology. 2010] – PubMed result.

Why are we funding research then? Seriously, when I read things like this I think of the money raised by people I know, starting of course with all the teams under the “Moms with MS” umbrella/national team I’m the captain of that raised over $20,000 last year!

It is frustrating to me because I believe the answers are RIGHT IN OUR FACE and that the “scientific method” ain’t cutting it no more to put it nicely.

I believe that the more natural ways that people like me who have MS are doing for ourselves is MUCH more effective than any of the pharmaceutical solutions and that unfortunately the scientific method has no interest in this kind of therapy mostly due to it’s being funded and done by the pharmaceutical companies.

I have hardly participated in any events recently because of my frustrations stemming from this. I see money being poured into research to come up with drugs (aka fatten the pharma-wallets) and have little to do with actually helping us. I strongly believe we need AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE ways to handle our condition, not more damn drugs to get dependent on.

I also believe my medical analytics fantasy is the answer to all this…so I will be working more and more on that this year while I’m also purging our home of stuff and improving my family’s health through diet, baby boy will just be getting his mommy milk and the girls will be following a diet closer and closer to the strict paleo diet that I follow, especially once our garden is producing next year.

I think we need brains, not money to solve this problem, brains, determination, discipline, and affordable food. I might have to buy a farm and own a retreat of some kind to make my point.

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