Theory on Lunch Dates…part 1

This is an example of what I’m posting on the Working Mother website….(Happy Single Mom)

Ahh…I have a few moments to sit here and gab about life for a moment. Simple pleasures in life!

Being a single mom, it is an interesting challenge figuring out the dating scene. I find that getting the dates are not difficult, but taking the time away from my daughter sometimes is. Honestly, when I first meet someone, sometimes I just don’t feel like the quality of the time spent with them is close to the level of when I am with my baby girl. With my daughter I love to laugh, play, I can always get a smile and it is absolutely NEVER boring.

This is why, when I hit the dating scene, pretty hard a couple of weeks ago, I restricted my schedule quite a bit, had kind of a theory about the whole concept of the value of my time. Here it goes:

I work very much a full time schedule, bringing my baby girl into the city with me allows me a lot of flexibility within my work day. I usually work about a nine and a half hour day…with 2 breaks, one hour lunch break and one half hour afternoon break. So this gives me…A WHOLE HOUR that I can go out and do what I please without having to worry about where my baby girl is, or who I have around her (I always have at least a couple of solo lunch dates with a guy before meeting up with her on my hip). My second break, my half an hour break is spent visiting and nursing my baby girl in the daycare, it’s a special time of day.

So this greatly restricts the pool of men out there able to date me they have to:

1.) Be able to get downtown during the middle of the day, meaning they either work/live downtown, have a day off during the week.
2.) Also of course a flexible schedule that allows for an hour lunch break, unless we decide on coffee of course.

I love this because it doesn’t dig into my time with my daughter, sort through the guys and find the ones that I like…AND it gives me time to screen through all these lovely guys to find the ones that I would feel comfortable having near my daughter.

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