They Lied To My Child

But they said...

Just a moment ago I was looking for something I could relate to, maybe some advice about how to deal with a situation that we are seemingly facing quite a bit, which is people lying to my child. What I found was a lot of advice for dealing with lying kids, which really just pissed me off because one of my basic core philosophies about children is that they never ARE the problem…they are EXPERIENCING a problem. Take my situation for example, these lame people are lying to my baby! Does this mean she will learn it is ok to lie? I hope not. We talk about these lies, and why the people are doing it, and why it is not right since it hurts people.

But I know it still hurts her. Those people promised her two of those baby animals she so enthusiastically helped raise. Why would they do that? Why not just be honest that they will be selling them? I don’t know, but that is what they did. They went so far as to ask her which ones, marked them with ankle tags, and then sold them within a few days. For about $30. What was the worst part? They did it IN FRONT OF HER. We even tried to intervene…they played dumb like they “thought it was another (animal)” even though the animals WERE MARKED.

When I approached them about this…it was laughable. They said they would try to “breed another one like that”. Which is of course a semi-nice gesture but it doesn’t do a thing for the hole that my baby felt when she watched what she felt were hers being packed up to go. They lied to her. I was in shock when they didn’t seem to “get it” I mean, the woman is a mother!

This event happened some time ago but is what the first major sign was that we need to move on. I want to raise my children in an honest, loving environment. I wonder how many other kids (maybe all?) are experiencing this kind of BS, I am willing to bet that a lot of them are, but that isn’t what people are concerned with, based on the search results people seem to only be concerned with the resulting lies these innocent children end up telling…because that was the example that someone set for them.

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2 Responses to They Lied To My Child

  1. Laura says:

    I had one that was very difficult to curb from lying and I will explain what I did to work and finally be successful.

  2. Kristin says:

    One neighbor or some other adult? This post has nothing to do with kids lying…kids are the victim of adults lies.

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