Third Trimester Blues…

It has been an interesting couple of weeks.

First I lost my primary care doc as well as kids’ pediatrician due to being broke and unable to cover overdue balances.


After talking to my midwives and neurologist about low dose adderral they have freaked out. Psychiatrist says it is absolutely not dangerous to take sometimes at such a low dose. In response to the midwive’s fear I started some supplements instead and that just freaked them out more.

I’ve been asked to look for a new midwife.

I’m glad they were honest but hell, looking for a new midwife now when I’m hitting the exhausting part of pregnancy with many more appointments needed is tough.

I choose this group of midwives because they are close, the awesome midwife I had before (who will hopefully take me back now) was great but a very inconvenient distance to travel to regularly.

I recommend NOT talking to your midwife about supplements or prescriptions unless they are also a naturopath, it was completely unexpected for me when they asked me to find someone new.

I feel like I was a bad student or something who was never taught the rules. Had I known the rules I’d have followed them.


At this point I don’t want to stay with them either but I do resent this late stage rejection. If I knew my research into finding alternatives would cause trouble I’ve had held back or at least kept my mouth shut about them.

They gave me a list of recommendations, none take my insurance.

I’m tired of dealing with medical anything, all of my docs are too specialized to have a clue about other aspects of my medical past present or future.

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