Three Months!

Wow…just realized while I was at work today…3 months from now I will be MARRIED!

I won’t be single, won’t be a single mom, it all feels so natural but very ‘wow’ at the same time. So far I have my sisters and my daughter officially in the bridal party…no dresses yet though. We have a location for both the ceremony and the reception too!

…in almost every aspect of my life are simultaneously changing:

  • Planning a wedding
  • K starting Preschool this week
  • G’s job situation altering daily
  • Designing as much as possible what our home will look like (will it be done in 3 months..?)
  • Wondering how on earth I’ll pay for anything for the wedding/house etc.
  • Getting used to my job as Visual Designer
  • Pondering opportunities presented to have some art shows later this year
  • I started going to church!! I actually found a place where I might be able to fit is still tough but I’m looking forward to being a part of a community.

Yeah…and my to-do list is a monster:

  • Get the daycare website up to par
  • Get MY website up to par
  • Get a wedding dress…and another bridesmaid? Two?
  • Figure out childcare for my business trip in about a month
  • Take some time to paint
  • CLEAN the house/laundry/kid/dishes…
  • Get wedding stuff straightened out…flowers, food, invites,

I am having a blast though!

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