Time For Paleo Kids Now..


Major eye opener today at the dentist… My baby girls both came to the dentist today and got their first  x-rays in a while and a good cleaning…then I got the news.

Three more appointments A.S.A.P. …for fillings — 4/5/12 UPDATE: I went to a holistic dentist after the first filling, and he said can wait on the other two…woo-hoo!!

My heart sank when she showed me the hole in my baby’s tooth… Instantly I was beating myself up and committing to bring more strict about candy while trying to stay cool when she started telling me how even crackers and chips can do this to teeth….


But I’m Paleo..I know this stuff right? Wrong. Based on results…i’m not being as Paleo with my kids.


Damn it why hadn’t I been more insistent about their diet?? I thought it would be too hard on them…

Wtf?? Harder than the six fillings she needs now???

Definitely a reality check. Time to buy that Paleo family cookbook … 

Also i’m lucky I found an awesome dentist based on recommendations and my daughter is excited to go back…keys hope out stays that way for the next few visits!!

Oh boy…today was the first filling NOT FUN.

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