Today’s Better

No dizzy spells today yet either. Yesterday I did all I could think of on a weekend to resolve my toe issue as much as possible! Today I’m just going to take it easy and clean up with computer breaks every now and then with Hazel. So far she’s done so many amazing things! She built a tower taller than herself even!

Hazel's Block Tower

Hazel's Block Tower

We also made a fun new coin bank for her using my Arbonne Detox Tea canister, she has had a blast collecting coins ever since and I’m happy that she isn’t messing with the fragile ceramic piggy banks we have for later…
Hazel's New Coin Bank

Hazel's New Coin Bank

Time has flown and it’s almost time to go get Kenzie now…she just had a week off so I’m hoping today was an easy transition back! It was the 100th day of school for the year so I know they have at least some fun activities planned for that…she brought 100 pistachio shells for it so I’m excited to hear what they were for, hopefully I’ll add a picture to this post later!!

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