Totally Grossed out by Starbucks Drive Thru….

Ok, this is a total “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” situation. Today marks the THIRD time this has happened. See, I order the same thing every time I go through a drive through coffee joint. I order a “Quad Grande Americano with a few ice cubes” I order it this way because Americano’s are notoriously hot. I don’t want to get burned so I ask for light ice, except it has happened TWO times in a drive through Starbucks that somehow my order that includes “ice” is heard as “Cream” and my dark elixir is tainted with nasty non organic dairy product.

It wouldn’t be as bad if they used organic milk.

So the first two times, fortunately I realized it pretty fast and got the right drink after driving around a few blocks and coming back in frustration. After the second time I stopped going to that Starbucks on Aurora though. I couldn’t handle the drama.

I decided to give the Lake City drive thru a try again…even though they once gave me HOT WATER instead of my Americano….for real. I’d rather get hot water than that creamy stuff any day though.

So today, when I got my order, I glanced at the cup, it said:

“Gr Americano
Light ice”

I foolishly found comfort in it saying “Light ice” instead of Cream…and was mentally congratulating myself for saying “ICE CUBES” so clearly when I made my order since it sounds so much different than “MILK” or “CREAM” or whatever it is that most other people must be ordering for this mistake to be so common.

In fact…when I first tasted it as I was driving home I didn’t notice…I foolishly thought I was tasting the “Creme” of the Espresso rather than actual “Cream” that makes me shudder…

So when I got home, the taste was a little more off to me…so I opened it up and UUUUGH GROSS!!!

I have had dairy to drink today. Shudder. I am glad I had a little off my morning french press coffee left at home to rinse my mouth out with.

I will be sticking with the small local espresso stands for REAL now and will not slip back into the horrible dairy obsessed culture that taints my morning wake up routine. I’ll only go to stands that offer multiple dairy alternatives too because I figure they will be more used to things NOT involving DAIRY.

…and my tummy starts to rumble…ew….

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