Troubled Teens…Some Make It & Some Don’t…R.I.P.

While scrolling around ads for articles that came up after writing a recent one about the dark side of sending teenagers away to get fixed I was disturbed at how many people recommend it who have no insight or experience with it.

I am lucky for one reason, and that is that I Survived. If you click on that you’ll see my article with more details about that and the unfortunate kids who got sent away to be fixed and died instead.

It takes a village, and if the families of these kids were being accepted and loved, all of them, teen included, then I think these kids ‘issues’ could have been resolved without dying. I hope that at least their deaths can help spread awareness and protect future kids who are being blamed for family problems or dubbed the “black sheep” of the family can be accepted and loved rather than expelled from their lives never to really return.

My favorite words from a mother who resisted sending her daughter away was in response to being told her daughter would “come back a different person” if she sent her away at 14 for a few years…she pointed out that we all are different from when we were 14.

As simple as that sounds, it really seems to be something that a lot of people/parents forget, we all go through a lot of growth, change, and confusion during our adolescent years, and when our kids go through that we have a choice. We can love them through the process or reject them for having the nerve to experience it.

Please support wraparound programs and if you are having trouble in your family look for one of these programs and get started in family therapy that will look at the WHOLE family, not just the one who is acting out the pain of their experience.

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