Two Years Taco Party!!!

Wonderful ending to a not so wonderful day!! Look at my last post if you are interested in the yuck part of the day. Here I’m all about the GOOD part!! After I came out of the shock of this morning I decided a taco party was the way to celebrate Hazel’s birthday tonight. It was a lot of work but lots of fun!! I think Hazel enjoyed mixing things more than eating but her sister ate which has definitely been the bigger challenge recently!!

I cooked up bacon, ground pork, bok choi, and sliced up some avocado, goat cheese, and cabbage (I use the leaves as ‘tortillas’ for me) and it’s been great! We have a good friend coming over soon (another 2yo) so hopefully he’d like a little bit too!

We have some sweet treats too but I haven’t told the girls yet…sssshhh!!!

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