Unlocked Doors

What is one to do when a neighbor keeps the doors unlocked and kids keep going in?

It sure doesn’t feel right to follow them into the house and make them leave when based on the door being unlocked it must not bother them?

I’m living in a bilevel house. My neighbor likes my kids, and my kids like my neighbor, they keep going into the other home as if it’s theirs (they are 5 & 2) and it is totally awkward for me since it really isn’t clear if it is “ok” or not. I don’t know what they are doing there, and honestly, it’s a nice break for me from breaking up their bickering!

What would you do if your kids kept going into the neighbor’s house? Would you just lock them inside? Follow them in? Drag them out? Demand that the neighbor locks the door?

I have talked to N about it and I’ve been assured that if they are getting in the way they will be sent down though I am concerned still.

I can only do so much with little 6w old baby and work to do!

Parenting can be such a drag…

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