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Sometimes you are somewhere, but don't feel like you are there in some ways.

I am using my personal site, KristinBennett.com, to learn about increasing traffic as well as choosing the right tools to get some monetization of said traffic. Many sites that I have that are in progress will then benefit from what I am able to learn and implement here, especially the MomsWithMS.org and ColumbiaCityParents.com site that are both very much in their infant stage of development.

So far I have used MailChimp to create the “Join Us” option that you can see under the “About Kristin” widget to the right of this post, I have chosen to use them because it is free and I already have an account there though I wish I was able to make a much simpler signup form, I chose to use the text link to open a new page with the form because putting the form into the sidebar even with only a few fields takes up way too much space.

I have Google ads scattered throughout the site as well as some Amazon links, these are a feeble attempt at the monetization goals so I appreciate any searching or clicking done from this site! It is fun to watch the Analytics and get some of the averages to know what kind of traffic it would take to turn any kind of a profit.

Erica.biz is a great resource I have been using, she has a great free ebook called the “Blogging Manifesto” that has a lot of tips I’m implementing as I see fit. One challenge I have with this site is my range of topics, I use KristinBennett.com as my portal where everything comes together and my interests are so varied it can be a bit hard to ‘target’ any particular one to bring in readers for. I am looking at ways to designate parts of the sites for the different categories and to go back into my archive and separate out the posts appropriately by the said Categories as well.

More of the things I want to do are to integrate some of my illustrations into the graphics at the top of the site to better customize the look of the site.

I appreciate any and all comments I get on the articles, posts, and pages as well as all the people who are retweeting and liking what they see here. I strive to keep this blog as open and gritty as possible so as to connect with others who have faced or are facing any of the situations that I talk about through out the site.

I will know that I have started making a difference when a parent posts something about how they were going to send their kid away and something I shared or wrote about here stopped them from doing so and led them to seek local resources.

There’s a random ramble for the day…off to go help teach a Lego Robotics class now.

About Kristin

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. If you have enjoyed what you have read please take the time to share and you can join me on my journey. The icons above are all the ways you can share what you have read and the "Join Me" link is in the top menu. Let's make this the best year we have had yet!!
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