USAA Once Was My Friend…No More

Getting a straight story from this huge corporation seems to be impossible, and the gentleman I just got off the phone with is the worst representative I have spoken to yet…their customer service is what kept me around and what kept me from including them in credit consolidation in the past as well.

My sin of being broke for a few years has rendered them useless to me, their lack of consideration or appreciation for my calling them to ASK to give them more money being denied disgusts me.

They are lucky they get people from the military to trust them with their money, because if they did their research I am sure they could find something better, or a least local so they could speak to a real person if they needed to.

I just went from being told I had to pay $72 up front to I have to pay over $5,000 to get my car insurance. Any regard for the time of mine they wasted earlier saying it was possible? No. Fuck you USAA. I’d already have other insurance if you hadn’t led me on with your lies, or I should say your inconsistent system that different representatives can’t seem to interpret each other and communicate different things from the same information.


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