Using Delicious Local Seattle Produce

…grown by our friends is lovely!!

We had an awesome BBQ/Potluck this past weekend, and while I was checking out the status of the event RSVP’s on Facebook I got an invite that mentioned something about local produce…hmm…on my invite, I mentioned that fruit and vegetable dishes are preferred, though “local produce” sounded much better!

I dashed over to my page and added something about local produce and boy did we score! One of our friends brought us a huge head of cabbage she and her husband grew, a handful of sage, an onion, and some recently pulled garlic (she may have brought more but that is all I remember at this point)! Geoff used some of the garlic that day to cook something to serve at the BBQ, and I’m salivating at the thought of using the cabbage for some “Larb Gai” (I need to find a recipe!). I wasn’t so sure what to do with the sage though…

So when Geoff asked what I wanted for dinner last night or the night before I said that I wanted something that had a lot of sage, because I wasn’t sure what it tasted like and I wanted to make sure we ate the sage we had! He told me to look up recipes and send them to him. I did that, though he didn’t get around to cooking those that night. So tonight…I searched my email for the recipe I sent him for Sage Chicken and pulled it up on my screen…Chicken? Check. Onion? Check. Sage? Check.

It was ON!!!

So I went to the site and commenced on cooking the recipe, well pretty much following the recipe. Technically I changed a bunch out of need and resources, for example I “braised” the chicken (just learned that word!) in bacon fat that was in the pan from earlier today, not in canola oil. I didn’t use canola oil because I had the bacon fat right there and also because from research I’ve done it is not very good for us (more info on that here, I prefer to use coconut oil if I need oil for cooking, and I don’t use butter as it’s dairy). I also didn’t separate the onions, I just tossed in the sage/mushrooms, sauteed a minute or two and then added the wine and reduced it before pouring it over the chicken.

I thought it was pretty yummy! I also think it would have been yummier had I applied salt the way she described…I didn’t do this part as I was one handed most of the time I was cooking but I think it would have really made a difference.

More importantly I feel SO happy that I used the food that our friends grew!! I know their garden is fabulous and highly regarded by all who see it, and I know they have the most amazing high standards for sustainable, productive, organic gardening and have some seriously excellent product to show for it!

Also at the party another friend brought some preserves she made from the raspberries and lavender in her garden!! Talk about delicious…I haven’t tried making it but I sure tried eating it!!

I’m going to start a new garden soon and it will certainly have some raspberries in it…that and, well, lots of delicious things I’m sure. We are even considering a green house…hmmm.

I have some garlic I grew in our garden as well that we haven’t eaten yet, we’ll be trying that out soon as well. I remember it started as a single un-finished bulb from some organic garlic at PCC that started to sprout…now I have about 5 bulbs! I love growing food to eat and having friends who can inspire me to do more!!

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2 Responses to Using Delicious Local Seattle Produce

  1. Katerina says:

    So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Sage is dead easy to grow you know, I started out with a tiny plant about 4 years ago and now I have a full bush. It is bigger than my wingspan. If you liked that recipe and you have more sage, try this full roast chicken recipe where you rub it with sage pesto! (Also good on pasta 🙂 )

  2. Kristin says:

    Thank you for posting it! I can’t imagine searching through books for a recipe with wonderful recipes like yours online…

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