Valentines Day

What a great weekend!! I got to spend all day Saturday and Sunday with my 3.5yo and together we went to 3 well attended events…whew! First we had a great meetup with 4 moms all together which was a blast…lots of artwork made at the storytime Barnes and Noble event. Then a great Valentines Day Tea Party with lots of ‘big girls’, Kenzie got lots of experience hanging out with the big girls (4-6) in good and bad ways…she was one of the smallest but she did a pretty good job standing up for herself when she had to! Only one quick cry when she says one of them pushed her…I heard another girl frustrated that she expected them all to follow her though which I thought was pretty impressive handling of a couple kindergarteners.

Third event was today, we went to a GREAT birthday party for a boy in her class at school and I loved meeting so many parents and watching all the kids just have a blast…makes me want to plan some more kid parties, maybe she needs an official three and a half year old party?

Anyway, I’m happy now too because my husband just got home from a very productive trip with the company he works with and we’re glad it went well AND that he is back home of course.

Don’t even know what tomorrow will bring but I’m happy that there’s not any work or school!! Maybe the Science Center? Zoo? Working? We will surely see…I really like the whole 3+ day weekend thing…

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