Veggie Juice (no coffee!), Ticket, Tabs & COFFEE!!

imageI had an AWESOME start to the morning…after getting started juicing yesterday my lovely husband picked up on the cues and bought me LOTS more organic produce…

Him doing that meant that this morning, about the time he left I got up, and so did Kenzie so we could start juicing…I am pretty good at being committed to my mornings if I know there are benefits and hell yes there are benefits to drinking vegetable juice in the am!!! I decided to go with this approach because usually I kind of stumble out of bed towards the coffee, drink as much as I can and get on with the day. I usually don’t take my vitamins then because I heard that coffee hinders absorption so I usually take them at night but I figure if I START with veggies, which are full of vitamins..THEN drink coffee…doubly good no? So I started out juicing with Kenzie, she got up to help me and she even drank some when I added ginger etc.! It went over so well I made some more after I finished mine for the kids that was a bit mellower…more apples, carrots, celery and less kale and beet greens…yay!

All was well and we even pretty much made it out the door in time (a daily challenge at this point) and it was great. I turned out of our driveway down the street towards Kenzie’s school…which is TWO turns away, and then the lights came on behind me.


Yes…my tabs are expired. No I can’t seem to find my proof of insurance.



Yes all three kids were in the back…and Kenzie, after we drive away says, “I wish that nobody got tickets.” We talked about why it’s important so that rules get followed.

After picking up the little sticker that would have prevented the ticket I went into the first coffee place I could find…and there I learned about an AWESOME service I’m tempted to promote allowing text orders…so I got a super americano (quad 16oz.) and a kids cocoa for Hazel who patiently went with me to get the sticker.

So since then Geoff renewed the tabs online, I picked up and applied them to car, and now we are back home, two kiddos sleeping in back after an exciting morning.

I’d like to weed and plant today but it’s raining…we will see how that goes. I kind of know that is a good time to plant for the seeds but I don’t think the kids will like to hang out in the rain with me. I might have to try it out though.

Let’s see if I can get that ticket reduced…wish me luck please!!! I was hoping to sign up Kenzie for gymnastics and to get organic produce delivered from with the next check but paying this ticket will put all that off for ANOTHER month…

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