I woke up with vertigo this morning, the kind where things like, head turning = vomiting and walking = crashing into walls.

I’ve had vertigo a few times, worst was about 6.5 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time…I’m glad I’m not pregnant this time as it was very stressful to think of the impact all the throwing up might have on my ability to nourish my little baby.

She turned out ok though 🙂

So today, yeah, today is not so good. I’m very not feeling good and pretty much staying in bed. Trying to evaluate if I want to go see a doctor and if I do what kind…there’s a natural health place just across the street I’m thinking about calling or going to (well having someone else call probably) or to see my naturopath….and Geoff is emailing our acupuncturist friend to see if that would be what makes sense. I also just took an anti-histamine that will hopefully knock me out and i’ll wake up feeling good.

I’m glad I can type relatively well…bummed I can’t read better though. I think I’ll go lay back down again now…hope I feel better soon.

Oh and Hazel seems to have an ear infection too which is lame, her ear hurts a lot. Also Nama is visiting and not feeling so hot either…I wish we could just keep summer and avoid all these strange seasonal change issues!!!

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