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Alright, I’m sure you all knew this would happen at some point. I have found what Tableau has that is called “Tableau Public” and I am learning all about data visualization…of course as a concept this isn’t new to me, I remember learning about the Napoleon Battle and seeing Edward Tuftes visualization of that:

…but the way Tableau has it set up so I can use my .xlsx files from, well from wherever to create kick ass graphics and charts is kind of, um, well stimulating.

So far the biggest challenge is finding the right data…of course I have my data from sites that I have, some google analytics and also things like the demographic data of the members of some of my sites:

So let’s just say I have a newfound respect for Data Mining…and I’m excited to learn more about using live databases, databases constantly being added to and changing, to create the dynamic visual representations of said data. If you can’t see the graphic above and instead see a big white space…I’m still learning to properly embed my can see my PROFILE too, as it has links to the visualizations I have created…

Need I refer to my “Medical Analytics Fantasy“? It’s still on my mind…I’ve been teased by some seemingly relevant innovations on this one but it has not yet fully manifested as my fully crowd-sourced medical goldmine of data yet. Someday.

So, I’ll keep working on my Tableau skills and hopefully soon you will be blown away by the data I was able to get a hold of to communicate to you here…then you’ll be sharing it, talking about it, conversations will start and it will be grand.

Three cheers to making the world a better place!! My next class is about data mining…I know it exists and about it as a concept, but I’m drooling a bit to get my hands on it…is that strange?

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