We (He) Found Eggs!!!

Geoff got home and decided to take a look for the eggs, I hadn’t found them and he wanted to give it a go. I had focused most of my looking on the bushes and behind the shed. I thought he was a little crazy to go look (it was almost dark!) but he grabbed a flashlight and went for it…and just a few minutes later was pounding on the wall saying to grab the camera and an egg carton(!).

So, I grabbed both (I actually grabbed two egg cartons just in case) and started climbing around the fence and WOW!!

Bakers Dozen!!

She had found a little nook alongside of the house and under some ivy to lay her eggs…it is really sweet and it really makes me think that she might be wishing for some little baby chicks…she did such a good job laying them all right there so neatly! Not to mention breaking out of the yard for the past TWO WEEKS so she could do it.

Glittery Sparkle's Nest

We think the other chickens must have just kicked her out of the other spots, Sunowy and Fluffy (our Americana chickens) are laying in the same part of the coop and Sunshine (Buff Orpington) has a spot by the backdoor alongside the house. For a while Glittery Sparkle was laying where Sunshine lays, then by the other ones but something changed…we will see I suppose over the next few days as the first challenge is keeping her IN the yard.

This is an update for Hunt for the Missing Eggs….

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