What a Fun Blog Post Idea! (Found via Bloggy Moms BlogHop)

I have been spending the last hour or so going through some of the fellow Bloggy Moms Blog Hop for March and am finding some really fun ones!

Here is one that really inspires me, the blogger is using a kind of free flow writing style to respond with whatever comes naturally to her in response to a picture. Check it out HERE. I’m a little be intimidated to write about her blog since she seems to be a real writer and my style is much more casual, though it really did inspire me. I’m reminded of my creative writing days when I was at Parsons School of Design.

I suppose the closest thing that I have to this is the posts I have that are related to my Illustrations and the things I have been posting to a new site called Intersect which is a LOT of fun to post pictures and the stories related to them on. I linked the word Intersect to my profile there to show you what I mean…in particular the baby pictures of me really are at least part creative writing because memories are just what they are, memories and that’s it.

I’m loving my first “BlogHop” experience!!

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  1. Diana says:

    Thanks Kristin for the nice words and the link to my site. It looks like a few people came over from here. Kinda cool to inspire someone’s creativity. Following you back. 🙂

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