What if Exposure to Celebrity Gossip Headlines Actually Makes People Sick?

For a long time I have avoided Safeway. I much prefer Wholefoods or the local co-op grocery stores. A big part of “why” is the quality of the food, it would be a dream if it was “all” organic but truth is that it is not. One thing that is absolutely a solid reason for me to avoid places like Safeway or Target is to avoid seeing the Celebrity Gossip headlines. I find them disturbing. Celebrities are people that we know about, we know about them because they either did something amazing, like their performance in a movie or something or they did something else that caught our attention. Lots of us find ourselves motivated by them, wanting to be as successful as they are. So when we see a headline about how they cheated/were cheated on or about some horrible drug overdose that may or may not have actually happened I believe that if in any way we ever felt like we related to them, it feels almost like it is happening to us.

I am not a doctor at all but I read a lot. I know that stress is bad, and the more it shows itself in our lives the worse of an impact it has on us. For years I made a point to completely avoid even looking at the magazines if I went to a store that puts them on display…it was great, I didn’t notice them. Now though, I have kids that can or can almost read, so I pay attention to what they might be seeing, and it is horrible.

I really do wonder if exposure to those magazines correlates with sickness, because in my heart I believe that it must. Maybe I am just to empathetic but I feel sorry for the potentially wronged celebrities, and I feel sorry for them having to deal with all the rumors being spread so far and wide. I also feel even more sorry for the people who take the time to read these magazines (People, Star, National Enquirer etc.) almost as much as I feel sorry for someone that feels like they are getting a good deal when they get a “super sized” soda or sugary iced drink.

I admit I don’t often go to Safeway, usually it is to stop by the Starbucks they have inside which isn’t nearly as offensive but sometimes I do, there is one near me and sometimes I need just one ingredient for a recipe or some beer (if they have Omission IPA in stock) and I avoid bringing the kids if I can so they aren’t tempted by the sugary temptations or read any of these magazines. When I go by myself and I do see them…it usually makes me feel a little sad, not just for the celebrity but for the state of the world. I’d much rather read about real news and what is good in the world, what about you?

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