What is that bump?

I was trying to figure out how to let people know we are expecting...then this cookie came out of the oven!

What a holiday season!! We are enjoying Christmas Morning at our house right now and we are just about to head over to Grandma’s. I decided it’s time to go ahead and post this picture of the “bump” along with the story.

It was about a month ago when I was talking to Geoff about how to let people know we are expecting another baby! Most of my friends and family don’t live near me and so they wouldn’t be seeing MY bump (yes it’s there!) and so I wanted to do something creative…so the weekend after Thanksgiving when my dear friend Candace was at our house…the answer came right out of the oven!! I pulled out the cookies and when I saw this perfect little bump I just loved it!!

So yes, we are expecting our baby which is due in June of 2011, I’m entering the second trimester (finally) and so feeling much much better as I’m not feeling as tired or nauseous as I was for a while, also getting over my cold which has been exhausting in itself!!

Geoff and I were not surprised to find out I am pregnant, it was expected and we are very very excited to watch our family grow!! We are not planning on finding out the sex this time until baby comes into the world, we will be thrilled to have either a boy or a girl and so we decided to wait, of course our decision could change at some point as our ultrasound is coming in the next few weeks for the anatomy check!

Kenzie is hoping for a little brother and Hazel hasn’t expressed a preference.

We wish you a happy holiday season and hope you have a FABULOUS time in 2011, it’s our plan to do so!!

Lots of love to you and your family & friends from us.

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