Economic Agenda for Women…

Today was quite a day, and it is only 12:02pm right now, so technically I have not even had lunch yet…

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds

Kristin Bennett shared the stage with Representatives Adam Smith, Suzan DelBene, and U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to talk about the need for affordable childcare.

I’ll start with telling you about where I went this morning, I was at the Seattle City Hall, along with Rep. Adam Smith, Rep. Suzan DelBene, U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and two other community members speaking on a panel.

Here is the program for the event today..

Here is the program for the event today..

I was there to share my story that touches on the challenges of finding childcare, particularly when trying to go back to work after being laid off while pregnant. Fortunately for me I have a very happy ending, I am working right now at an awesome design company as an Account and Project Manager.

My husband and all three of my kids were with me at this event, as were a number of elected officials, representatives from a LOT of supporting companies and non-profits, Bill Gates Sr. and many more, there were not enough seats and there were people standing around the room.

After I spoke my piece, it was not long before my kids kind of started wandering up to me, I didn’t mind. I was done talking and I used it as an opportunity to kiss them and ask them to please walk slowly and very very quietly back to Daddy. When it was Zazen that came up to me, he wanted, Yup. You guessed it, he wanted his “Na-na” which is the word he uses to describe breastmilk. I didn’t hesitate and I propped him up on my lap, carefully lifted my top shirt, lowered my undershirt and discreetly let him quietly nurse. This lasted a few minutes and then he eventually went back to dad (with a big smile on his face!).

After the whole event was over, I was approached by at least three women who thanked me for sharing and said I did a good job, but then they got more serious, and then REALLY thanked me for nursing my son. One woman specifically thanked me for helping to be a part of normalizing this method of feeding our babies, and another reflected on her days nursing her kids in public.

I read my story off of notes provided to me based on my story, it’s all my story and it is real, and I felt like I did a pretty good job, but getting all of these messages from people who saw me caring for my son giving me acknowledgement really made my day. I am very proud of myself for not being shy about feeding my son when he is hungry, even if I am on stage with a bunch of representatives.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and I’m referring to both speaking out about whatever I am advocating for at the time, as well as nursing my little nursling when he needs it, no matter where I am at.

Sleepy Zazen

Here is my little prince sleeping last night, he fell asleep just after insisting that he was NOT tired…

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