Where’s my Mom Badge??

Seriously, this morning was epic.

I’m not really into using that word either, frankly I think the word “epic” is overused but wow, I had one of the fastest, most dramatic epic “mom” – ents ever this morning.

8:10am…I think things are going pretty well..both little kids are up and I’m working on getting oldest up. I give her a few minutes and get myself dressed…baby is naked but yesterday he used the potty three times so who is sweating it!

8:30am…Ok, it’s getting urgent now, this is the time that I usually aim to leave by to get kids to school. I’m in the bedroom now, “Time to leave, you have to get up NOW…” We both then walk into the living room, this is when it gets interesting…

Hazel (3) is mumbling something to me, can’t quite understand…I glance at her leg…what is that brown stuff? “poop.”. …I understand that part.

I walk further into the living room…the boy with no diaper on has found a bowl…with an open pomogranite in it. He is in the process of spreading the seeds across the carpet in a circle around him with a diameter of about..a yard/yard and a half.

Me: “Kenzie!! I need you NOW! These pomogranite seeds need to be picked up AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. We need to make sure nobody steps on any of them. Do you see why it is important to put things away where your brother can’t leave them?

She starts picking them up…

Me: “Hazel!! WHERE is the poop?!”

She shows me…it is mostly mashed into the carpet..uuugh. Why didn’t I ever buy that carpet cleaner that I keep saying I need to get? Why do I forget whenever I’m at a store that might carry such a substance? Doesn’t matter. Must improvise.

Walking into kitchen, what to use, what to use, I squeeze a bit of dish soap into a cup, fill it with warm water. Grab something, forget what, either a wet wipe or a paper towel, scoop most of the poop. Then I pour some water over the mushed in poopy areas (uugh) and using a towel scrub scrub scrub. Pour more water…scrub, scrub, scrub. Repeat.

“Does everyone have shoes on yet?”

At the point when I could not see anymore poop, I put those towels in the laundry and got another towel, refilled my cup, now it was time for the red spots…Kenzie was done picking up pieces. I poured LOTS of little spots of water across the area and repeated the process…scrub, scrub, scrub, pour, scrub, scrub. Ok, I think I got it.

“Is everyone ready? Can you please come here and tell me if you see any more spots?”

Nobody sees any spots, or maybe there was one or two. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

“Time to go!! Urgency, grab your coats!”

…and we all pile into the car to get Kenzie to school.

It was enough of an adventure that I think I got high on adrenaline, and by the time we all got into the car I think I was actually laughing…I was so happy that (1) I didn’t think there would be any marks left on the carpet…everything seemed to clean up pretty well. (2) NOBODY was crying, whining, or anything like that.

Then I started thinking…I totally deserve a badge for that…cleaning up poop AND pomogranite seeds all before getting the kids to school?

Yeah. For me that was epic…

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