Whole 30 :: Day 1–ish

Alright so maybe the day tracking thing isn’t for me…I actually wrote this a few days ago, here it is tho:

So yesterday was my “official” day one, though I called it Day 0 of my cutting back on coffee. I decided I was in when I realized how well it aligns with how I already strive to eat but comes with the support of lots of other people I know and who are online doing the same thing, so:

  • No Grains
  • No Legumes
  • No Milk (or milk products)
  • No Alcohol
  • No sugar aside from occasional fruit
  • …for the next 30 days. I have a much easier time stomaching this that cutting my coffee back too much. I will likely start doing the whole putting coconut oil into my coffee thing too but I do forget what that is called.

    So yesterday, what I ate was this:

    For breakfast I made the kids some bacon, kind of burnt it (enough that it was crispy) and so ended up with about 3 slices that the kids wouldn’t eat. So I broke/cut up the bacon into a small bowl, harvested a few sprigs of basil from my counter and cut that up along with it, stirred in 4 eggs and scrambled it up, kind of like a frittata I think? Oh and of course cooking it with coconut oil because that is what I use anyway. I split that with my daughter and son (I am sure I got at least half though) and went on with my day!

    I did NOT do a great job ‘taking care of myself’ foodwise in the earlier part of the day, I finally made myself a salad that had 2 small heads of lettuce from my garden, one tomato and one avocado in it. I put balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it along with a sprinkle of salt, was fabulous!

    Dinner was kind of late, we had to drop my husband off at a Startup Weekend event after we picked up our exchange student from the MEPI program (<3 her!) and it was me with student + 3 kids driving downtown...I had one kid requesting orange juice and one requesting "Dick's" which is a local burger joint, and I knew what I wanted, a “Revive” smoothie from Thrive. So I went to the Wholefoods near us, got an orange juice for my daughter and then went across the street to Thrive where I got that Revive smoothe and some Ginger Lemonade for myself and for our student and a “Willy Wonka” shake with lots of coconut meat etc. for the kids to share.

    I did go to Dicks but succeeded in eating only one half a french fry that fell on the table when handing it to a kid.

    So far so good!! Today so far I’m getting started with chia cereal, which is just chia seeds and some coconut milk from the fridge left to soak a few minutes and a sprinkle of salt on top…it’s a lot like oatmeal but with a little crunch and more filling!

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