Why Do I Have to Wear a Shirt?

Oh boy…how do I explain this one.

My five year old daughter asked me this question, and she didn’t just innocently ask it, she was FURIOUS that she saw an older man walking around (“yucky” she said) without a shirt on, and that she/we had to keep our shirts on even if it was hot.

I told her that since she was five she didn’t really need to, but that when she started getting boobs then she would have to. “That’s not fair!!”. When she asked why…that was a hard one. I ended up explaining that we had to wear shirts because those are private parts, “Then why don’t they have to wear shirts??!!”. I finally ended up telling her that it was basically because men go crazy when they see boobs. “That’s stupid!!” – Yeah I know.

How have you explained this one to your kids?

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