Winter Memories…

So, here in Seattle this year we didn’t get much snow…I hear that it is still happening on the other side of the country but here I only remember about, 2 days of snow. Most recent one, was on a Sunday, I remember because of this picture I took:
2014 Snowman Moment
I was at Center for Spiritual Living that day and it really wasn’t very eventful, but I remember this moment, probably looking for my kids or something, and this little snowman caught my attention.

I was so enamored with it I literally got down on the ground to get the angle I wanted and took a picture of the little guy. I just thought that it totally represented what a “Snow Day in Seattle” is. It was the way the little guy was already melting, even though I knew it was just built with the new snow…I fell in love with it, took a picture, then found the kids.

It was probably about an hour later that my husband came back from his meeting or wherever he was, and after chatting for a while suddenly said, “Did you see my snowman?”. I cracked up and pulled out my phone to show him this picture…and still am convinced that I must have felt his energy in that snowman and was drawn to take a picture because of that…

Hope your snow days treated you well…

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