Winter Wonderland…

This is what I see when I look out the window of my home! It is totally snowy out and it is giving me to opportunity to really remember some of the GOOD experiences that I had living in New York City. For example related to snow…more than a few times it snowed when I was there. I lived in NYC from 1999 until I moved in 2006. When it snowed there, it often snowed a LOT more than this…I wish my mac was working so I could post the old pictures because I remember opening the front gate and seeing the snow well over a foot, maybe it was two at some points. The striking difference is that here, in Seattle, just a few inches pretty much shuts things down. Why? Because we drive here. In NYC with MUCH more snow we were NOT shut down, we simply climbed over all the snow and walked to the subway for the most part! Buses were usually running too though that was less appealing since they would be late and it involved standing outside a lot. All in all though everything kept moving. I thought of this when I got the urge to go to the gym…a reminder popped up on my phone for a pilates class that I am interested in taking and for a moment I longed to go, then realized I couldn’t drive because of the snow, then realized again that maybe I could walk…it’s only about a mile away and with Geoff home maybe I could leave the kids? I didn’t end up going but I did think back to NYC and how I was able to go hop the C train whenever I wanted to go downtown and be delivered very close to the gym I was a member of at the time.

I haven’t walked to the gym, not sure if I will. I missed the class that I wanted to take. My logic is that Geoff is technically working from home today and not actually able to watch the kids for that reason, and the thought of schlepping to the gym myself isn’t a problem but trying to do it with three kids? That would be a workout in itself, and if Zazen then wasn’t able to stay happy in the Kids Club then it would definitely complicate the goal which would be to get a workout in there. I’m laughing inside about what I just wrote which is because I see that the act of going there would be a workout in itself and ultimately help me reach my alleged goal of wanting to work out…do I REALLY want to work out? I’m going to think about that one for a few minutes…

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