Wonder When Labor Will Start?

How much longer?

In six days it will be my official due date, I have been having lots and lots of contractions, some definitely feel like they are doing “something” though no major signs or regularity that would signal it’s actually getting started.

I’m supposed to text Geoff with “It’s on!” if I think I’m really in labor.

I am loving the time that I have with Hazel and Kenzie before the baby comes, as well as the lovely little kicks and bulges that spontaneously appear from my stomach. I’m less crazy about the super hormonal rushes that result in crying sometimes, being very angry sometimes, and just kind of spinning in circles internally leading to uber exhaustion.

Sometimes it is just funny, I caught myself thinking the other night…when I was SOOOO tired, about how I wanted to have the baby RIGHT NOW so that I could be done and get some rest.

Any of you with babies know how funny that is and just ridiculous, to want to go into labor when already tired? Then expect to be able to sleep? Comical.

I laughed at myself and then put on my headphones to listen to the CD from: [amazon_link id=”B0029PY4YM” target=”_blank” ]Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method[/amazon_link] and went to bed.

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