Work (Alone) Time for Mom

Sweet Daughter Hazel...
Even though I consider myself to be pretty darn extroverted…I definitely need/want some alone time sometimes. I find that when I need to focus, it is really important. I don’t mind noise like in a cafe when I’m doing that kind of work but having my kids run up to ask me for something or my husband asking to listen to him (or just talking) is totally distracting.

I’m interested in hearing what other moms do to get alone time, I have considered trying to make my (shared) office a kid free zone, but without a lock on the door that is near impossible. Also scheduling time to work away from home but that requires spending money, not a lot but at least a few bucks here and there for a cup of coffee or something.

Are you a WFH mom? Have you found any way to get this time when you need it?

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