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Ironic…I have been thinking about getting more posts on here, particularly about this topic of being a working mom recently. Of course that whole “being a working mom” thing has rendered me pretty tired, so it hasn’t happened.

See, working mom. Where do I start. Coming from a place of being a full on SAHM, this is how it starts. First, I increase the number of days my 4yo is in preschool. Then, I establish that my 8yo (3rd grade) can and will stay after school for a few hours. It takes a little more sensitivity/persuasion, but the other part of this is convincing the preschool my 4yo goes to to accept my 4y 4mo old son as a student…even though for preschool the usual starting age is 2.5yo.

SO, once that is in place…there is other things to be taken care of. YES 8yo is in after school care but that is $9/hr. YES the younger kids are in preschool but that ends at 1:30pm. I am expected to work until 5:30pm, so this is a problem…the texting, networking and emailing to babysitters/friends/family commences.

Ok…now we have some folks who can help with pick up. One person, a babysitter who has helped with the kids before, and is SOMETIMES available, charges $15/hr…we can make that work, it is only a few days a week. Grandma, who works a lot still can still do one day a week BONUS it is free, but it only stands if she is still in town and other complications don’t arise. Another Mom! We find another mom, $10/hr, she is great and even lives near the school, can pick the kids up and keep them for a few hours….except sometimes her son is taking a nap or she isn’t feeling well.

So commences…the whole, “I better figure out my hours this week” moment…I look at the week, mark of the days that I “know” are covered…usually by my mother in law, or my husband, and for the other days… the texts fly. I ask the mom first, she’s only $10/hr which days she can take, mark those down, confirm with husband, “Are you sure you can’ take them on ____ days?”, then I follow up with the remaining days, the uncovered days and I call the $15/hr babysitter…I see if she can or can not pick up the days on those days. Then I look at the hours I’ll be able to be at work, I mark them on my calendar, and I send them to my team. “And so it is.”

Ok, after school is pretty much taken care of…hen look at the meetings I have that week…ok only two days I have to be at work before nine, so I confirm with my husband if he can or can not cover those days. I mark the calender for the days I do not have coverage, I’ll be in by 9 on those days…IF I can get the lunches made and be out of the house by about 8:20…otherwise I’m closer to 9:15.

I’m almost out of what I’m calling this “transitional phase” that represents us moving into our next house and me working full-time…this represents when my husband takes over most of the kid time. Though with the fluctuating requirements of his time and more, it is all questionable. This is the transitional time of MOMMY GOING BACK TO WORK.

It is a time we will all remember. It is a time that will never be forgotten.

I left out the parts about kids being hurt, who had to deal with it, and what was done about it…another time that will be mentioned. Good night. Mommy must sleep to deal with tomorrow. Maybe I should make some lunches first….

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