Working With Zazen

Working With Zazen
I’m loving the setup I have around me and wanted to share it with you.

I’m sitting on my lovely new couch (inherited through a good friend’s recent move) with a gigantic stuffed dog behind me supporting my back…a reasonably big pink heart pillow on my lap with baby Zazen peacefully napping/nursing on it…and then in front of me, a folded up “Snuggle Nest” resting on the coffee table in front of me with a lap desk topping it underneath my tiny little MSI Wind (mine is an older version that is white with hearts on it and lots of customization via stickers by the two littlest artists in the house). I also have my french press of freshly made coffee to the right of my ‘desk’ and my coffee cup to the left. Sitting next to me is my little green “30” journal that I have written some notes regarding some posts/articles I want to write/share.

Now…time to get started with those posts, most of which are taking a look at different sources of brain development/plasticity/MS/Myelin and improving our brains/combating MS and other neurological decline that make sense to me the way that adding 1+1 makes 2 though I don’t see the connections being made elsewhere.

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