World Ending…and?

I can’t help but wonder sometimes if the world is ending. I don’t even have a TV but the scary research and news about nuclear weapons, the decline of the dollar, the LACK of support to petitions to regulate private prisons, protect gay youth, or just to protect youth in general from parents and other adults in charge that can’t figure out how to support a teen through the years of transition is absolutely disturbing. Not to mention being so close to considering a presidential candidate investing in these travesties.

I see that I went through a horrific experience as a kid being woken in the dark hours of the morning 16+ years ago to be delivered to a portable in Utah….and this is still happening to this day. One on one talking to people they seem to get that this isn’t such a good thing, that an adult convicted of murder has more rights than this child at that point, but the action that follows is absolutely non-existent it seems.

Penn State and the molestation that took place there under Second Mile is a horrible thing that happened…the publicity of such a problem I see as a HUGE opportunity to spread awareness and move people to take action. It seems the vast majority of people just won’t take that step though. I’ve posted this link to Petition Private Prisons along with a plea to sign…and of my hundreds of followers on twitter, friends on facebook, and circles on google+ I haven’t seen an impact.

It’s absolutely depressing for me. I can’t help but wonder…does it mean that people don’t care? Does it mean that people, the people that I KNOW are just drones walking in a line to keep things going the way they are even if they see the injustices taking place?

I don’t see action being taken on the issues of pharmaceutical issues, private prisons, youth torture, and profiting from it anywhere but the statuses of a select few people I know.

Why doesn’t everyone understand that if we embrace our power as a people, as seen with the occupy movement, that we can change these atrocities but we have to DO something about it???

Please step up and sign petitions to change the things that you agree are a problem that needs to be dealt with and have attention paid to it.

Kids will keep suffering if you don’t, guaranteed. Worse they will fall victim to believing it was for the best and repeat these abuses. I can say this with confidence because at this point I am seeing that I have a very limited audience and as passionate as I am, I’m clearly not making my point. I don’t meet many people as upset as I am about some of these issues and it’s disturbing because without people paying attention nothing will change. The world will end.

Another generation of kids being sent away to be fixed, feeling rejected from family, abused and feeling as if they come from a family that believes they deserve it.

I’m not going to be surprised if we have a MUCH bigger revolution coming. I’m glad that I know how to garden, start fires, and make shelter from string and cloth so that when the dollar means nothing and we are all starting over trying to figure out how to survive our own lack of action resulting in everything changing…I know I will survive, and my family will survive…how about you?

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