Worlds Colliding

Wow. Have you ever felt like your worlds were colliding? Today this is happening to me in a major way. I haven’t been blogging much about it but my housecleaning skills are close to non-existent…I have been absolutely feeling lost and confused at the idea of even trying to get my home into a “normal” livable level of cleanliness.

Years ago, my husband and his dear friend Danichi started doing a radio show on blog talk radio…this was approximately three years ago. I remember when it was because it was right around the time that my daughter was born and her birthday is in less than two weeks! I remember I thought they were crazy, but I wanted to be supportive. I got my BlogTalkRadio account all set up and started listening to their show and some other shows. Eventually I came across FlyLady, who I thought was really fun and interesting, but let’s just say I had no idea what a hit she was.

So skip back to what I was first saying…I have been having a hard time. I have been trying to find a way to hire someone to help me, watch the kids, organize things so that it’s easy to put them away, get boxes to put stuff in, you name it I’ve either done it or wanted to. Then I posted publicly about it…and “FlyLady” kept coming up…

Long story short, I finally got back on the site and on Monday I “Blessed my Home” as she calls it, spent an hour listening to her comforting voice talk me through spending an hour cleaning up the house switching what I was doing every ten minutes or so…even taking breaks to sip some water!

Go back those three years again…if you have been following me for long you know that after Hazel was born, I had a terrible Multiple Sclerosis Exacerbation. I could barely walk, and I was posting statuses about using the stroller to help keep my balance that unfortunately weren’t exaggerations. It was soon after that my process ending in my Paleo Diet culminated. Within the last year I also found out about Terry Wahls who as a doctor diagnosed with MS that progressed to the point that she was in a reclined wheelchair…who has since “gotten back up” and is attributing her health to her diet, that is very similar to yet more strict than mine. Her videos, particularly her TED Talk are some of my most referenced videos (and her book!) that I post on my and sites regularly as well as posting them to my Google+, Facebook, & Twitter accounts.

So now, back to my intro, these two things are seemingly random…I suppose that what they have in common is that they are finding some simple logic in making complicated things strikingly attainable (clean house/health). It still kind of blew my mind when I got a FlyLady email just today featuring a diet package and a show featuring Terry Wahls that happened recently.

It was like having my two best friends connect and then contact me telling me about this cool other person they met…

I had some other random stuff come up today as well, I went to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change (there was an awesome Groupon that I couldn’t pass up) my car was well overdue and so I had to do it. Last Sunday Geoff and I teamed up to clean out the car of trash…a disturbing amount of trash and stuff to be kept that had been piling up in the car. I had planned on getting it vacuumed that day when we went to go buy some toner but we ended up ordering that online instead so lots of dirt was still on the floors of the car. It was a happy surprise when the gentleman asked if I wanted them to vacuum the car out too in other words!! I was a VERY happy customer, new oil, new wipers, new air filter, and now the floors and seats of the car were all vacuumed up too! It was awesome. I then talked to them about what they recommend doing to get my Mercedes in running order…if it made sense to go to a similar place down south or what, and it turned into a long conversation that eventually got me confused enough that I decided to talk to my insurance company AND the Jiffy Lube closer to where it’s parked before I decided anything.

So then I was thinking about stopping at the Nursery…I have some plant starts that I want to put in some pots. I was hungry too though and decided that a quick snack at Taco Bell wouldn’t kill me, I went through the drive thru…and when I was handing my card over to pay I couldn’t believe who I saw. My old next door neighbor whose husband was the one who had fixed the car that I was discussing at the oil place. She asked for my number and said that they had been contacted about the car, and hadn’t been able to find our info, it was urgent that we get it taken care of.

Now that wouldn’t be random had I known she worked there, if we were anywhere near the old neighborhood or anything like that…but the car in question is at the opposite end of the city and there was just a lot of randomness in this to put it simply…worlds collided.

So what that means? I don’t know. Maybe my psychic energy is so strong that things important to me are all being attracted to each other forcing me to acknowledge them or something like that. It’s blowing my mind though…it’s an interesting bunch of mechanisms I’m manifesting…wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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